Skydive Kurdistan

Parachute Course

In Skydive Kurdistan we provide static line course as base for our skydiving training education.Our choice is based on keeping the expences down for booth club and customers.

In parachuting, a static line is a cord attached at one end to the aircraft and at the other end to the top of the pilot chute inside the jumper's backpack. The parachutist's fall from the aircraft causes the static line to become taut, then it pulls the pilot chute free of the backpack.

The inflation of the small pilot chute in turn causes the main canopy to be pulled out of the backpack. The continued fall of the jumper causes the main parachute lines to extend and become taut, at which point the binding that joins the static line to the pilot chute comes apart from the shock of the jumper's weight, freeing the parachute and its passenger to continue descending freely, no longer connected to the aircraft.

The main parachute then inflates, braking the fall. This static line mechanism opens the parachute automatically with no action required by the passenger.

The parachutist must adopt and maintain a suitable body position throughout deployment to minimise the chances of a parachute malfunction. This method of parachute deployment is commonly used in several ways.