Skydive Kurdistan

About Skydive Kurdistan

Hi and welcome to Skydive Kurdistan. We are located in the city of Duhok.
The Drop Zone itself to start with. It is to be located in Harir airport. 45 minutes on the north-east of Erbil the capitol of Kurdistan Regional government.
The idea of establishing a Drop Zone in Kurdistan started back in September 2009 when we jumped the Kurdish flag in the west coast of USA. A friend of ours watched my private tape and suggested that we do the same in Kurdistan.
We did it in 2010 for the newroz celebrations. We were given a good response by those whom watched our demos over the city of Erbil and Duhok. However today we are putting the club together and our aim is to be the first professional Drop Zone in Kurdistan and Iraq. For me it’s a dream coming true to bring something beautiful such as skydiving to a region which has been affected by war for decades.
We want to give skydiving fans in Kurdistan and Iraq something to look up to and the opportunity to participate in our bright and good looking sport. Blue Sky